Version 2.0.7

Minor bug fix release with the beginnings of support for automatic ingestion of documents from sites with an IndexByDate.txt structure like bitsavers. Eliminate duplication between bitsavers and ChiClassicComp front ends. Modernize the code with use of composer for dependency on PHPUnit, update to PHPUnit 6.

Version 2.0.5

Minor bug fixes and support for a ChiClassicComp front-end to the URL Wizard.

Version 2.0.4

This is a minor update that incorporates various usability improvements and bug fixes related to adding new documents.

Version 2.0.3

This second version of the open source manx application brings a number of bug fixes, database corrections and new features.

The details page for a publication now correctly reports the document title and the about and help pages have been updated.

A new RSS feed allows users to know when new publications are added to the database.

Registered users can add new publications and document copies to the database through a URL Wizard. The wizard automatically infers as much information as possible from the document URL. The BitSavers document repository is given special treatment with a streamlined path through the URL Wizard for new documents, in many cases automatically extracting enough metadata from the document URL so that little manual editing or data entry is required.

Documents originally hosted on but now missing have been mirrored onto manx and their URLs updated in the database. DEC documents located at have had their URLs corrected. BitSavers is now mirroring the content previously located in Wilber Williams' Computer Museum at the University of Queensland, Australia. The Harte, Antonio Carlini, hcps and mds-199909 content that was previously mirrored at is now mirrored at manx and the URLs have been updated.