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1978-06NS11-04/34 Installation GuideOnline
4200002B1973-11IMP-16 Programming and Assembler ManualOnline
4200018C1974-04Timesharing Users ManualOnline
4200021C1974-01IMP-16C Application ManualOnline
4200025B1974-03IMP-16 Utilities Reference ManualOnline
4200036A1974IMP-16C/200 IMP-16C/300 Microprocessors, IMP-16P Microcomputer Product DescriptionsOnline
4200037A1974-09IMP-16P Users Manual, Volume 1Online
4200037A1974-10IMP-16P Users Manual, Volume 2Online
4200048A1974-03IMP-16C DEBUGC Utility Program Reference ManualOnline
4200072A1975-01IMP-16F/400 Floating Point Firmware Technical DescriptionOnline
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