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IDR30601978-07Prime Reference Guide System Architecture & InstructionsOnline
LDS1627Logic Diagrams for Types 3006 to 3025 System Option Controller 
LST0783.006Program Listing TTYT2 (TTY Controller Test) 
LST0784.004Program Listing RTCT2 (Real Time Clock Test) 
LST0786.004Program Listing BPIOT1 (Buffered Parallel I/O on S.O.C. Test No. 1) 
MAN1671 Rev. A1975-07System Reference User GuideOnline
MAN1672Prime CPU Operator's Guide 
MAN1673 Rev. A1975-05Macro Assembler User GuideOnline
MAN1674FORTRAN IV Language Reference Manual 
MAN1676General Purpose Interface Manual 
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