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595-2248-021979Multiport Serial I/O Card Model H8-4 Operation 
595-2271-011979Memory and Input/Output Accessory for the ET-3400 Trainer, Model ETA-3400 
595-2284-021979Video Terminal Model H19 Operation 
595-23481979H8 Computer Front Panel Monitor PAM-8 Software Reference Manual 
595-24691980H47 Interface and Serial I/O Card Model WH8-47 Operation 
595-2509-011980Extended Configuration Board Model HA8-8 
595-25461980Panel Monitor XCON-8 
595-2555-011981High Speed Printer Model H25 Operation 
595-2596-011981Digital Computer Model H-89A Assembly 
595-2652-011981Z80 CPU Circuit Board Model HA-8-6 
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