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595-2731-011981Video Terminal Model Z-19-CN OperationOnline
595-2766-011981Digital Computer Model H-89A Operation 
595-28121983CP/M Version 2.2.04 Manual, Volume I 
595-28591982Double-Density Disk Controller and Z-67 Interface Model WH-8-37 
595-29081982Using the H-8 Computer with the PAM-37 Panel Monitor Operation Manual 
595-2943-021983Z-29 User's and Technical Guide 
595-2965-021983Video Display Terminal Model H-29 Assembly 
597-16511977Instructions for the Heathkit 4K Chip Set Model H8-3 
597-1836-01Instructions for the Heathkit Adapter Cables WH9-1, WH8-51, WH11-51, WH8-41 
597-1954-02Modification Kit for the Heathkit ET/ETW-3400 and 3400A Microprocessor Trainers Model ETA-3400/EWA-3400 
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