DECscope User's Manual

Company:Digital Equipment Corporation
Keywords:terminal VT50 VT50H VT52

Table of Contents

  • For Owners
    • Preparing the Environment for the DECscope
    • Installing the DECscope and Interfacing to a Computer
    • Irregularities in the Appearance of the Screen
    • User Maintenance
    • DEC Maintenance Arrangements
  • For Operators
  • For Programmers
    • Section 1 Overview
      • An Input Device
      • An Output Device
      • Serial Encoding: Parity and Stop Bits
    • Section 2 The Keyboard
      • The Alphabetic Keys
      • Non-alphabetic Keys Common to all Terminals
      • Non-alphabetic Keys Which Are Different on Different Models
      • Function Keys
      • The CTRL (Control) Key
      • SCROLL and COPY Keys
      • The BREAK Key
      • The Auxiliary Keypad
      • The REPEAT Key
    • Section 3 The Commands
      • Displayable Characters
      • Control Codes
      • Filler Characters
      • Synchronization
      • Basic Cursor Movement Commands
      • Advanced Cursor Movement Commands
      • Screen Erasure Commands
      • Audible Signals
      • Distinguishing Different Models
      • Hold-Screen Mode
      • Alternate-Keypad Mode
      • Graphics Mode
  • Appendix A The Baud-Rate Switches
  • Appendix B Display of the Codes 136-176


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